About Southern Connections

Southern Connections Agro Consulting & Management is the regional leader for individualised agricultural investments in the Southern Cone region.

Our global background allows us to attend clients in 4 different languages and according to international business standards, closing the gap between local customs and professional business culture. Our team consists of individuals who grew up on farms and have generations of experience in the meat production industry.

A family run business, the international farming experience of the Stahr family provides the investor with personnel and innovative expertise. Combined with teams of highly competitive local staff guarantees our investors the most profitable, optimised, and transparent farmland investment opportunities in South America.

In contrast to most local agri investment advisors/real estate agents, we not only facilitate and assist during the purchase process, but also take full responsibility for the complete management of the food productions facilities/farms after acquisition by the investor.


About the Founders:

Hagen & Mechtild Stahr founded Southern Connections Consulting & Management in 2006 and are the Directors of the company.

The Stahrs have been involved in cattle farming and stock breeding all their lives. They were born and raised on cattle farms in Southern Africa and are 3rd generation stock breeders. They learned all the ins and outs of the business by applying it on a daily basis and focused their college education on agricultural management, especially extensive and intensive livestock breeding.

As farm owners they worked for more than 20 years in Namibia /Southern Africa and have built their current enterprise in Uruguay and Paraguay since immigrating in 2005. In Southern Africa, as well as in their current environment, they have run and currently manage their own farms as well as consult and manage properties for other investors.

They always considered themselves land caretakers with a responsibility to participate actively in the national interests for agricultural development. For many years in Southern Africa they functioned as board members at the farmers’ association and cattle breeder society.

In addition, they participated in a small selected scientific research group of agricultural farmers with focal points on genetics, modern technology, pasture management and financial measurements.

They also hosted and attended many seminars on those topics and co-authored a study book on Southern African extensive cattle farming for emerging farmers. They have competed successfully and achieved numerous awards in the industry.

On national stockbreeders expositions they had the honour to be invited as judges for selecting the beef cattle champions.

Currently Hagen & Mechtild Stahr are members on the board of Uruguayan African Chamber of Commerce as well as Honorary Consul for Namibia in Uruguay.

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