The Value Of Choosing Southern Connections

Client Advantages:

  • We offer our clients customized services suiting their individual needs. Clients can choose to be as hands-on or hands-off as they wish.
  • We communicate fluently in several languages, especially in English, German and Spanish.
  • We have strong international experience in agriculture management.

Sourcing of Properties Suitable for Farming:

  • We deliver to our clients carefully selected specific opportunities currently available in the market.
  • We provide a complete cost calculation prior to investment.

Farm Management:

  • We focus on genetics management based on years of experience, e.g. crossbreeding of European with Zebu (originated) blood lines for maximum quality.
  • We apply modern rotation systems whereby cattle are moved amoungst several pasture plots for maximum protection.
  • We regularly research and analyze soil to determine necessary mineral supplements in order to obtain high fertility and weight gain.
  • We supply transparent production and financial calculations per kg and ha.
  • We utilize the latest cattle management software.
  • We are well connected to professionals in Paraguay and Uruguay to work efficiently. Furthermore, we have strong German ties, which is essential to doing business and operating effectively in the Mennonite community of the Chaco.

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