Beef Production In Uruguay



The government has studied and rated each plot of agricultural land based on soil type and fertility to determine appropriate land use for each property, thus maximizing productivity.

Each property´s information is visible online, allowing anyone to verify the productivity potential of any property in Uruguay. Therefore, the market is very transparent and it is easy to compare properties and determine their fair value. Land is indexed between 50 (forestry) and 150 (wheat, soy, etc.).

We choose farms with an average index of 100 for a combination use of crop planting and stock breeding. In 2013 the average purchase price per hectare was USD 3.478 (Dirección de Estadisticas Agropecuarias (DIEA).


Pasture land in Uruguay offers ideal conditions for the highest quality organic beef cattle. The raising method is extensive, i.e. the cattle are grass-fed and free range. There still prevails a healthy combination of agriculture and livestock.

Beef management includes complete product traceability with growth hormones and anabolics prohibited by law since 1978.

Sanitary standards are first class and foot-and-mouth disease vaccination is compulsatory to secure beef export.

Uruguay received the highest classification by the World Organization for Animal Health as “provisionally free” of BSE (known as mad-cow disease).

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