The Chaco Region – Mennonite Cattle Country

Located in the Northwest of Paraguay, the Chaco is a vast, stable, Mennonite controlled area. The Mennonites – c.a. 28.000 currently living in Paraguay – are descendents of a German Christian group that emigrated over a 100 years ago to South America.

They built 20 colonies that are still in control of the region – even the signs are in German.

Mennonites are tradionally hard working, reliable and honest people with high work standards and very disciplined German values. They are the leading milk producers with 70% of Paraguayan production under their management.



The area has started to be discovered by Brazilian, Argentine and international investors for opportunities in agriculture and cattle.
With endless supply of subterranean fresh water known as the guarani aquafer, and high soil fertility for both crops and improved pasture land, the growing season is long and continuous.
The climate is very conducive to cattle farming with its abundance of rainfall.


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