Investing in fully managed South American agricultural real estate - A highly
profitable alternative with us as your partner


Southern Connections Consulting & Management
provides investors from around the globe the opportunity to make high
quality, stable investments in beef raising facilities in South America


Investors have the advantage to benefit from both attractive yields
on land utilization as well as potential capital gains on fully managed farmland


With volatile equity markets, low yields in bond markets
and significant uncertainty in real estate markets, Southern Connections
offers a safe capital investment

The Southern Connections Mission

The Southern Connections mission is to source and utilize the best quality South American pasture for beef production and export, and to provide our investors with appropriate long-term sustainable yields in co-operation with and support of a highly motivated, experienced and knowledgeable local team.
Properties for sale

Paraguay's Business Infrastructure

Paraguay provides for excellent conditions in order to attract and retain investors from all over the world. It has a stable democratic government and private property rights are respected in the constitution.

Paraguay does not apply foreign exchange controls and offers corporations and individuals a very attractive tax environment:
  • 10% Corporate Tax
  • 15% Withholding Tax
  • 10% Personal Income Tax
  • 10% Value Added Tax
  • 0% Export Tax
  • 0% Capital Gain Tax

Uruguay's Buisness Infrastructure

With a long history of stable democratic governments, interrupted only by a brief period of military rule in the 1970 - 1980's, Uruguay has created a positive investment climate where encompassing property laws exist and are enforced.

Uruguay does not apply foreign exchange controls and offers corporations and individuals a very attractive tax environment:
  • 25% Corporate Tax
  • 7% Withholding Tax
  • 0-25% Personal Income Tax
  • 22% Value Added Tax
  • 0% Export Tax
  • 12% Capital Gain Tax

Central America

Southern Connections is also actively consulting and managing cattle farms in Honduras, Central America. Current properties under management are located in the southern part of the country around the town of Choluteca.
Central America